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Originally from French Guiana, a wild land where ethnical variety is common, Wakanda draws her inspiration from this cultural mixture.
At 15, she moved to Paris, where she studied Sound Engineering.
In 2018, he joined the collectif Ǝ L E M E N T S. She is also a jury at the Lab Festival, one of the famous parisian DJ contest.

As a Dj and Musical Cook, Wakanda has the ability to mix different styles, and come with a delightful combination blending made of Afro/Tribal, Traditional rhythms, sweetened House, Ancestral songs and the madness of Techno.

Since 2011, Wakanda is bringing her fire energy to parisian nights.
She performed exceptional shows such as New Morning, Cabaret Sauvage, La Java, The Wanderlust, Badaboum, La Bellevilloise, Communion, Hasard Ludique, Djoon Club... and shared the turntables with legends as Arnaud Rebotini, Cut Killer, Loki Starfish, Kiddy Smile, Ivan Diaz, Poté, T-Sia and many others. Wakanda also spreads her energy in France and abroad, in cities like London, Mayotte, St-Tropez, Martinique, Zürich, Didim and French Guiana where she is a resident D at Cocosoda.

Wakanda is currently working on her first EP "Life With Giselle", due on 2020.

Her new single, Amazon Foret is available everywhere.